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Dorofeev Vladimir Dmitrievich, Doctor of engineering sciences, professor, head of sub-department of management, Penza State University (Penza, 40 Krasnaya str.),

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The article considers features of strategic planning in banking in terms of the system of strategic goals and prospective needs for financial, material, labour and intellectual resources, as well as for sources thereof and efficiency of company funds usafe in the process of its functioning and development. Ranking of goals in bank activity is carried out in such spheres, as technology, human resources, bank security, risk management etc. Applied result of goal-setting is the formation of «the tree of strategic goals», where the trunk appears to be the bank’s mission and the strategy of market behavior. The functions of the crown of the tree are carried out by
one of the key instruments of strategy realization – the policy, which is developed with regard to a certain strategy, to a corresponding bank activity sphere: finance, marketing, risk management, technology, human resources. The leaves are the specific strategic goals. Finally, «the fruit of the tree» are the planned concrete results achieved in bank activity. Development of strategic plans of a bank is carried out by using SWOT-analysis. The received information appears to be an array of primary data and as a result of processing turns intostrategic data base. Strategy, especially general one, is developed for several years ahead and is framed in generalities, for example, taking over the market, improving the image and business reputation etc. Specific goals are defined concretely by special or functional plans. The strategy is developed with regard to two processes: functioning and development.

Key words

strategy, mission, targets, technology

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1. Dorofeev V. D. Menedzhment v sfere bankovskoy deyatel'nosti [Management in banking sphere]. Penza: Izd-vo PIERIAU, 2010, 530 p.
2. Rouz Piter S. Bankovskiy menedzhment (per. s angl. so 2-go izd.) [Bank management (translation of 2nd issue from English)]. Moscow: Delo, 1997, 768 p.


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